states medical marijuana is legal in

How to Legally Obtain Medical Marijuana

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Pot is approved for medical use in more than a dozen states. Here's how to get it.

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Step 1: Check your state law
See if medical marijuana is legal where you live. The group Marijuana Policy Project maintains an up-to-date, state-by-state guide to these laws.

Step 2: Research its uses
determine if medical marijuana might help you. Glaucoma, diabetes, high blood pressure and multiple sclerosis are some of the recommended conditions for the doctors medical marijuana. It is also prescribed to suppress nausea and stimulate the appetite of people with different chemotherapy or AIDS treatments.

Step 3: Weigh the risks
outweigh the health risks. As cigarettes contain tar jointsand other chemicals linked to cancer risk and their smoke can increase the risk of respiratory diseases. Research is based on whether a bong t reduziertar recording.

tip. Ask your doctor about using a cannabis vaporizer A study has shown that there may be to minimize the respiratory hazards of cannabis use.

Step 4: Talk to your doctor
If you could medical marijuana is right for you, ask your doctor to decide a letter of recommendation. Different states dictate the conditions for which a physician may authorize medical marijuana.

Step 5: Apply to the State
Apply to your state's Department of Health for permission to use medical marijuana, if this is required where you live. Contact them for the appropriate application

Step 6. Get sich grow your pot or
If you are approved for medical marijuana, as it depends on where you live. Some states allow a limited number of potted plants grow themselves or someone they grow for you, others point to special clinics, so buy your pot. It is illegal to carry medical marijuana across state borders.

Tip Heilenth current insurance does not cover medical marijuana

. Step 7: Ask about Marinol
If you are not comfortable smoking weed or medical marijuana is not legal where you live, ask your doctor about Marinol, an FDA-approved pill that is a synthetic form of the therapeutic chemicals in pot contains. Legal in all 50 states, it is often covered by insurance.

you know?
hundred million Americans have smoked a joint, and around 14 million use it regularly, according to federal studies.
states medical marijuana is legal in

states medical marijuana is legal in