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Reel #45: July 1978 to August 1980

Model: F2009.154.45

July 1978: Grandma & Mary Ann come in Tulsa. Lift starts in Monaco. Fire at school - Fulton prefabs. October 1978: WT bring home fair ment 's. Grant Frye's first visit to the G'Ma. November 1978: Frye us a '71 Dart. December 1978: Christmas scenes around 88th E. Ave. January 1979: The first of many snow. Visit Bill and Debbie with icy new Mustang. March 1979: Grant makes new leap go swing. Easter: Whole gang visit Bill and Debbie in Stillwater. G'Ma and Vera. May 1979: Grant Walker tries. Mark has new XR-seventh Grandpa on the first of many mopeds. July 1979: Mark moves in Condominium. Grant plays in the water. Columbia visited Tulsa. September 1979: Mark go and WT Vici wedding. Scenes by Carter Washington. Octover 1979 Grants first birthday and he goes. December 1979: Another Christmas on the 88th E. Ave. Janurary 1980: First snow for Grant. Easter: Lilac flowers. May1980: We all Debbie & Go # 39, s graduation. June 1980: wind turbines and wave going in Silver Dollar City. Real fun time. July 1980: Mark has just Kawasaki LTD 750

Creator: Basore family
coverage. United States - Oklahoma - Monaco Park - Fulton School - Stillwater - Washington DC - St. Louis - Mississippi River - Virginia - Alexandria - Silver Dollar City - 88 East Avenue
scope (quantity / size) 18 minutes 41 seconds
Media: Movies

Regular 8mm; AVI 1920x1080 FRAME RATE 29.97
marijuana mansion gatlinburg tn

marijuana mansion gatlinburg tn