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Cacoon Maze Vertical Growing System Hydroponics - Aeroponics Living Walls - Wall

Welcome To Cacoon Aeroponics Growing Systems, manufacturer of high quality, High Capacity, Solar Powered Professional Commercial Propagation & Full term cropping systems for the horticultural industry.

The Amazing Maze Cacoon Vertical Growing System From Planet Cacoon Growing systems.

Place The Maze Vertical Systems grow anywhere and save space!
Excellent for Garden Nurseries, Plant silkworm rearers, garden shops, garden centers, wherever space is at a premium. wait
line, Build Alley Ways place four in a square, the possibilities are endless with the Cacoon Maze system. The name, Say's It All The Maze!
Also Ideal For Living Walls.
35 plants per rack
Huge, 6.5 liter pots Which removed and replaced at any time, together with the Plant. No moving parts

Incredibly strong construction with a 20-year warranty on frame work *
30 minutes construction time.

No Maintainance Reversable feet / legs
Indoor / Outdoor Use, you
Save space! only 1250mm (width) and 1890mm (large) and 45cm (deep)
Each Maze stand is available separately to allow you the user to additional Maze Vertical grow stalls at any time to add.
Fit A drip irrigation system or simply to feed by hand.
aeroponic systems for sale

aeroponic systems for sale